Fire Safety Signs

The fire safety signs are those designed to warn of flammable or fire risk areas. There are also other types of signals to assist firefighters in the event of a fire. Knowing the different fire safety signs and their meaning, help the occupants of homes, business owners, and employees to work or live safely, and prevent fires.


Safety signs fire can guide building occupants to emergency exits or fire mark areas of buildings containing equipment or flammable gases. The signs of ‘flammable’ may be in containers hairspray or areas of hospitals where oxygen tanks are used. Safety signs fire hoses can also target, alarms or extinguishers, fire fighters or indicate which room of the house are the bedrooms of children.

Identifying factors

The fire safety signs are usually colored bright or reflective, to draw immediate attention in emergencies. The fire safety signs placed in bedroom windows kids are metallic and reflective, making it easy for firefighters identify a child’s room from the outside of the house, whether it is day or night. Uppercase and the red and white colors are used in many fire safety signs, which aimed at building occupants to exits, fire extinguishers and alarms.


The fire safety signs also include trading signals, which lead to building occupants about using fire safety equipment such as blankets, extinguishers, alarms and hoses. Safety directional signs pointing to safety equipment, alarms and exits. Warning signs are those who warn about objects and flammable materials, and warning signs to prevent the use of elevators during a fire and use the stairs instead.

Additional signals

Evacuation maps are also a type of signal fire safety. All households include at least one fire evacuation map, while companies must include several signs indicating emergency exits and paths to those outings. Often fire evacuation maps in orphanages or foster care are required.


Always follow the instructions of safety signs regarding proper use of firefighting appliances and leave a building in an emergency. These signs are placed for a reason, and that reason is to prevent further danger that occurs over a fire. Safety signs provide instructions for people who may not know how to behave safely in case of fire.